PLR for Writers

The Power of PLR as a Writer-Using Private Label Rights

As a writer I know how hard it can be to constantly come up with original content on your own. Though originality is important, you do not have to start with a blank canvas! If you need some extra help developing ideas for content, I have a supply of already written articles ready for you to use and put your name on. They are called PLR articles.

PLR is private label rights, where someone writes an article and sells it to someone else who puts their name on it as the owner. It’s like someone who is a ghostwriter choosing to write a book for someone but allows full rights to the person to claim authorship without penalty.

Although PLR can be used as is, I recommend that you as a writer seeking success not to do this. Use PLR as a beginning point to showcase your skills, but add your own ideas, style, personality and concepts in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd who may too be using these articles. You do not want to look like a fake, but you do want to show authority in whatever you’re writing about.


PLR can help you:
1.To build relationship with your email lists
2.To create unique articles for your clients
3.Trainings for customers/clients
4.Create eBooks/books
5.Create audios/video courses
6.Use PLR content as fresh content and idea generators for your newsletters
7.Convert your messages into different languages
8.Build a personal blog
9.The list goes on

The PLR I have are in bundles of over 1,000 articles per niche bundle. As a writer myself, I want to see you win, and WIN BIG.

For just a minor cost, you get a lifetime of quality articles to get you up and started to build your writing business with success.

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